Coordinator annoucement for Chesapeake Rendezvous

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Tinsley has stepped up to be our coordinator for the 2014 rendezvous.
Looking forward to it.

Thank you!
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Tinsley, thanks for stepping up and leading this. I am happy to help where I can. Cambridge Yacht Club is an outstanding venue and I look forward to it.
Lou Bennett
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Great choice! It's on our calendar and we plan to be there.
Mike and Carol
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This sounds great! Vicki and Barry will plan on it.
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Hey Guys,
Sounds really good, Jean and I are planning to be there. Thanks for organizing!
Dave and Jean
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I am looking forward very much to see all the beautiful Albin boats at the Cambridge, MD Yacht Club on the Choptank River this summer on June 20, 2014 I have attended the last 4 rendezvous and a nice thing we can offer in Cambridge is the ability to put 25-30 boats all in the same area of slips. The Cambridge Yacht Club added on to their marina a few years ago, and it is not full yet. It will be a magnificent sight to see all our boats right beside each other. I have been a member of the Yacht Club since I was a young teenager, and am friends with the management.
We will be quite welcome there. There is a nice bar and restaurant, and bathrooms with showers at the club. There are 4 or 5 good places to eat within walking distance. There is a bed and breakfast home only two blocks from the yacht club. They have a covered gazebo right by our slips with a bar, and barb-q grill we can use..
As time gets closer, I will post slip prices etc on here, and will be happy to answer any questions

Tinsley & Cheryl Meekins Jr
Tower Power Albin 28 TE


The slip rate for T head, 40, and 50' slips are $1.50 per foot per night.
Electricity charge is $5.00 for 30 amp, and $10.00 for 50 amp per night

To make your reservation, please call Ms. Linda Dayton, manager CYC at her office,
410 228 2141, tell her you are with the Albin group.

One issue that I hope will not be a big problem, is the group of slips where we can
have 20-30 boats all together are 40' and 50' slips. We are welcome to use the slips,
but I wanted to let everyone know they will need to bring some extra dock lines.

For anyone not wanting to spend the night on your boat, there is a lovely Victorian Bed
and Breakfast just one block from the Yacht Club. The Mill St Inn 410 901 9144
If you want to stay there this summer, I would suggest you making your reservations
now, since there are just 3 rooms. On Google, type in "Mill St Inn Cambridge, MD"
to see their web site.

Tinsley & Cheryl Meekins
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Bayard & I plan on being there. Thanks for coordinating!

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LIQUID THERAPY just got a reservation and will be there.

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Brooke, glad you are coming to Cambridge. I live here, and am a member of the Cambridge Yacht Club... any info I can help you with, feel free to give me a call on my Verizon cell at 410 228 8888, or email at or here on the Albin web site, Tinsley TOWER POWER Albin 28
Tower Power
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Hi Chesapeake Albin folks,

I don't have anything to do with your event, just want to give a shout out to the Chesapeake folks. My late step dad Mr. Lee Simonds was Vice Commodore and later made Honorary Commodore of the Nanticoke River Yacht Club in Blades, DE before his passing in November, 2011. I've been to the Cambridge club before and it's a nice facility.

I've also cruised the Chesapeake on a 15 ft Montgomery sailboat in 2002 with some guys from the Montgomery Sailboat Owners Group, putting in at Fishing Creek on the Honga River, crossing to Solomons and on up the Patuxent as far as Battle Creek, and then back across to Little Choptank River. Lots of great memories!

Some photos I took during that cruise are still posted here.

If anyone ever has the occasion to visit the NRYC in Blades, drop in and tell them Lee's son Steve said to say hi. Their marina is 9 miles upriver on the Nanticoke from Vienna, MD.

Steve Eshleman
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